Palestinian group at Harvard is hosting yet another Jenin "documentary" movie
Please come and protest this blatantly anti-Israeli event
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It's outrageous that Harvard Law School would sponsor something so blatantly hateful and full of lies and propaganda.

Below is an aerial photo of Jenin showing the "massive destruction" of the refugee camp after last spring's IDF operation there. Considering the fierceness of the fighting, a better term for what the IDF did would be "surgical precision".

We need help distributing flyers and holding banners.

Date : Thursday, Feburary 6, 2003
Place: Harvard Law School,
Austin Hall West
Harvard University
Time : 7 p.m.

Richard Hugus, a founding member of the New England Committee to Defend Palestine, visited the West Bank and Gaza last summer and documented life under Israeli occupation. His film includes extensive footage of the destruction of Jenin refugee camp in the spring of 2002 and eyewitness accounts from the people who live there. "Israel is actually enforcing concentration camp conditions in large parts of the country, conducting a war of attrition in which it starves, harasses, arrests, humiliates, shoots at, assassinates, and demolishes the homes of Palestinians, in order to force them off their land. Israel's claim to the rest of the world that it acts for the sake of its own security is untrue. Instead, it uses security as a justification for a war against a defenseless people, waged with U.S. funding." -- Richard Hugus Sponsored by Justice for Palestine, HLS | and New England Committee to Defend Palestine |




Ilia Sokolinski
Land of Israel Committee at the Jewish-Russian Center & Synagogue

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