Please come and protest anti-Israel bias on NPR
Temple Israel Will Host a Panel on NPR's Mid-East Coverage.
We will have a demonstration against NPR in front of Temple Israel before the Panel.
National Public Radio - all bias all the time
* NPR fails to report on the virulent, government- sponsored anti-Semitism in Arab countries.

* NPR fails to report on the constant incitement to violence against Jews in the official media of Arab countries and the Palestinian Authority.

* NPR fails to report on how the press is threatened and coerced by the Palestinian Authority.

* NPR plays up anti-Israel news, such as claims of a massacre in Jenin, and plays down news that supports Israel, such as the fact that such claims by the Palestinians and by the United Nations UNWRA workers were total lies.

* NPR reporters -- especially Peter Kenyon, Ivan Watson, and Linda Gradstein -- regularly insinuate anti- Israel impressions into their reports that are contradicted by the facts (e.g., sound bites) included in the reports.

* NPR fails to report statements by Palestinians that their goal is "Palestine from the River to the Sea." NPR listeners are not told that Palestinian maps show no Israel.

* NPR promotes the lie that "occupation" is the problem despite the fact that the Palestinians were offered a state, if only they would declare an end to the conflict.

* NPR distorts its reporting by using neutral language (e.g., "says") for Palestinian statements and pejorative language (e.g., "admits", "denies) for Israeli statements.


HonestReporting on BBC


Monday - January 13, 2003
6:00 PM

Temple Israel, 260 the Riverway, Boston MA
(Longwood Ave stop on bus 65 or Green Line's D train)


Panel Discussion: Mid East Coverage on NPR (starts at 7 PM):
Kevin Klose, President of NPR,
Jane Christo, President WBUR,
Robert Zelnick, BU professor & former news correspondent,
Jonathan Tobin, journalist with JWR.

This forum is clearly designed by NPR bosses to "white-wash" NPR in the eyes of the Jewish community: Three out of four panelists are pro-NPR, only written questions will be taken from the audience and several ultra leftist groups are planning to attend.

Consequently NPR bosses will hear from many in the audience how pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian NPR is.

It is very important that as many people from our side as possible come there and express their views about NPR. We also need help to hold signs and distribute flyers explaining how biased against Israel NPR is.

From Temple Israel's Website:

Media coverage of the Middle East by National Public Radio (NPR) & its local affiliate WBUR will be the topic of a panel discussion at Temple Israel at 7 p.m. on Mon., Jan. 13. The panel will include Kevin Klose, President of NPR, WBUR President Jane Christo, & Boston University Professor & former news correspondent Robert Zelnick, a critic of media coverage of the conflict in Israel. This event will be open to the public & will provide an opportunity for us to raise questions about journalistic practice, share our concerns regarding the treatment of Israel in the press & understand the considerations & standards that NPR & WBUR apply to coverage of the Middle East. This program is part of Temple Israel's continuing commitment to create a forum for disparate points of view on Israel-related issues in an atmosphere of civility & safety. Temple Israel member Donald Stern, a former U.S. Attorney, will moderate the program. The audience will be invited to address questions to our guests as we struggle to bring light to a complex, often tendentious issue.

Directions to Temple Israel

Ilia Sokolinski
Land of Israel Committee at the Jewish-Russian Center & Synagogue

voice: 617-787-5507

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