• You can read about the protest against NPR on Monday evening in the following articles:


  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send "No Pledge" forms to Kevin Klose, the president and CEO of National Public Radio. We must keeping hammering NPR. Get your friends to do the same. And please let us know (at Jatman@JAT-Action.org or JAT.Action@runbox.com) what actions you have taken.
  • Here are the web links to our new home page with information about the
    campaign against NPR:
  • At the program on Monday, Klose just stonewalled the issue of NPR bias, repeating the mantra that NPR reporting is of the highest quality and without any bias or distortion. He needs to know that the Jewish community absolutely will no longer accept that answer and continue to contribute to NPR stations or support their advertisers and underwriters.
  • Klose told us that NPR reporters in the Middle East are fluent in Arabic. So why don't they ever tell us about what the Palestinian leaders are saying in Arabic (we know from MEMRI -- http://www.memri.org/)? Why does NPR keep secret the vile Arab anti-Semitism and the vicious incitement to violence against Jews that their reporters must see and hear -- and understand?
  • During the informal period after the program, NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin was asked why NPR refuses to address the issues documented by CAMERA (http://www.camera.org/). His response was that the people at CAMERA are "liars" and "thugs". This tells us something about the people at NPR! They seem to think that stonewalling and name-calling will make their growing problem in the Jewish (and, increasingly, even in the general) community go away. Let's do everything we can to make them understand that this approach will not work.