The Boston-Jewish Russian Center Presents

*** Pro-Israel ***

Community Activism


Created and presented by The David ProjectBoston's New Pro-Israel Activist Think Tank

Angered at NPR/CNN coverage of Israel?
Want to learn how to talk to your neighbors about Israel?
Can we stop the rising tide of anti-Semitism around the world?
"What can I do for Israel besides giving money and making a visit?"

Learn: Facts and Techniques; "Turn the tables" on the anti-Israel crowd; "Reframe" the discussion, putting the Arab/Islamic world on the defensive; Pro-active, NOT defensive campaigning.

Join us for a two and a half hour workshop at the Boston Jewish-Russian Center led by Charles Jacobs and his David Project team. These workshop seminars are free and open to the public.
Reserve your spot today.

Wednesday October 2, 7:00 - 9:30 pm

The David Project is a non-profit community initiative working to protect Jews, Israel, and democratic values by confronting the Goliaths of Islamist terror, Arab imperialism, and global anti-Semitism.

Register now:
email or call Moshe at 617-542-5041 or contact Ilia Sokolinksy at or 978-206-9151