Come and demonstrate to Demand Justice from France

Demand that France Arrest Marauding anti-Semites  

  When: Thursday, April 3rd at 12 Noon
Where: at the French Consulate
Park Square Bldg. - 31 Saint James Ave., Boston
(near the John Hancock Building)
On the Sabbath afternoon of March 22nd, three French Jewish children were beaten by Muslim thugs as they approached a JCC in Paris to attend a Sabbath afternoon youth group meeting. The thugs were attending a massive anti-war protest taking place a couple of blocks away.

A large group of Arab "peace" protestors, carrying sticks and wearing keffiyehs, spotted a Jewish boy on a sidewalk and beat him. They then raced down a street away from the line of march shouting "there are Jews over there." When they reached the door of the JCC (the Centre Bernard Lazare,) they beat two more fourteen-year-old Jewish boys arriving for a Sabbath HaShomer HaZair youth group meeting. The Muslim "peace" protestors shouted anti-Semitic verses from the Koran as they beat the Jewish boys. They were attempting to batter down the door of the Jewish Centre when police arrived. The entire incident was filmed by a French crew, but not broadcast.

No arrests have been made despite the presence of numerous witnesses and the existence of television film.


World News Report article about this incident

This demonstration is sponsored by the South Area Israel Action Team (SAIAT), Boston Israel Action Committee (BIAC) and the Land of Israel Committee.



You can also write to the French Ambassador:

Ambassador Jean-David Levitte
Embassy of France
4101 Reservoir Road NW
Washington, DC 20007

Phone: 202-944-6000
Fax: 202-944-6166

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I am appalled that the French authorities have apparently done nothing to track down and prosecute the "peace" protesters who chased down and beat three Jewish boys in front of the Centre Bernard Lazare during the anti-war demonstration in Paris on March 22.

France is rapidly gaining a reputation as a country that is again tolerating anti-Semitic violence. We urge you to redeem the honor of the Republic, not merely by bringing to justice the racists who perpetrated this particular vile anti-Semitic assault, but by moving vigorously to rout out the sources of Islamic racism that now flourish on French soil.



Ilia Sokolinski,
Jewish Russian Center & Synagogue

voice: 617-787-5507