We have decided that we ARE going to have a demonstration on
Coolidge Corner tomorrow, March 10, 6-7 PM.

The demonstration is in response to the recent 2 terror attacks in

This is a demonstration, and we can go by with 10-15 people
holding banners and giving out flyers, although, as usual the more
people come the better.

Please respond to me if you can come because we need to know that we
have at least 10 people (So far I only know of 4 - Marina, Gene,
Petya and me).

The theme of the demonstration is "No to terror, No to the Terrorist
Palestinian State".

The purpose of the demonstration (actually we want to have a series
of demonstrations every Monday for several weeks) is to get momentum
building for a larger demonstration on the same topic.

Ilia Sokolinski,

Land of Israel Committee